Whale Fall  cover art designed by  Vineet Gordhandas

Whale Fall cover art designed by Vineet Gordhandas


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A whale fall is a carcass of a whale that lies, cold and beautiful, on the ocean floor.

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Whale Fall is the second full-length album by Prisms, recorded with Brian McTernan at
Salad Days Studio in Baltimore, Maryland.

It has taken Prisms over five years to produce and release this record.  

Thematically, the album deals with transition, movement, love, loss, dreams, and the
unknown; all of which are reflective of the individual and communal challenges
faced by the band members during this time.  

Two songs from Prisms' debut album, A Rain of Bombs, Well-Placed, have been
re-recorded for Whale Fall.

It has been a wonderful and amazing experience to create this album, and we hope
you feel the same about the music that you hear.

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Whale Fall was released worldwide on August 1st, 2014. You can order the album now.  You can also stream it for free via spotify.

Thank you for listening.

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