Noise (2018)

After Whale Fall, Prisms immediately began writing.  They focused hundreds of ideas into five new songs and two pieces from A Rain of Bombs, Well Placed.

Produced by the man the beast the living legend Will Beasley in Richmond Virginia, Noise is a culmination of years of dedication and work.  Noise is a highly focused album that combines the cohesion of A Rain of Bombs, Well Placed and the strong production of Whale Fall into a powerful concoction of shoegaze-saturated rhythms and guitars.  It's Prisms' strongest album to date.

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Whale Fall (2014)

In the wake of A Rain of Bombs, Well Placed, Prisms spent a great deal of time performing.  After the band relocated to DC and had a few member changes, the 11 songs on Whale Fall began to take shape.  

Engineered and Mixed by Brian McTernan at Salad Days Studio, and Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound, Whale Fall finds the band expanding and exploring their sound. Sam Hurd's thunderous bass work along with Evan Slack's powerful percussion undergird Nathan Mitchell's overwhelming guitar and soft voice.


A Rain of Bombs, Well Placed (2008)

This is Prisms' debut album.  Released in May of 2008, the 13 tracks catalogue the band's raw shoegaze style.  Many of the tracks exist as dreamlike worlds, and the lyrics examine the possibility and potential of the future.

The record was produced, mixed and mastered by Sam Hurd at Hurd It! Records.